Exploring city and infrastructure systems through research, policy, and community building.


A network started at the University of Oxford and growing beyond.


An interdisciplinary approach

Our team comes from a wide range of fields — social anthropology and the arts to geography, public policy, and economics — and we're always looking to diversify the variety of analytical lenses applied to any given problem. 



World class expertise

We are the heart of a multidisciplinary intellectual community in the University of Oxford, receiving guidance from many scholars from an array of subjects.



Critical thinking

We aim to leverage the wide array of academic and practical resources across Oxford and beyond to support, develop, and promote interdisciplinary, reflexive approaches to the study and practice of urbanization. 



A global perspective

Our aim is to frankly engage with the all-important and often contentious debates surrounding global issues, finding sustainable and inclusive ways forward.



Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We provide a platform for budding researchers and established policymakers alike to discuss the ideas that matter. 


Paving the way

We are a burgeoning community, committed to an engagement with our partner organisations. Through the Oxford Urbanists, we foster these partnerships through constructive dialogue, knowledge exchange and advocacy. 


Call for Pitches: Oxford Urbanists Magazine

Whether you're an academic, policymaker, journalist, or something else, we’re looking to work with any writers who have thought-provoking ideas for tackling contemporary urban challenges.


Call for Pitches: LA.Network

Does your work involve urban or infrastructure development issues in Latin America? Do you have ideas or stories you’d like to share with a widely-read media platform and/or academic circles, including at the University of Oxford? If so, consider writing for the new Oxford Urbanists/LA.Network publication series.